Funding, fees and support

Doctoral School of Medical and Health Sciences – funding, fees, support

I. Scholarships:
Each PhD student receives a scholarship in the amount set by law or more, depending on the source of funding.

The statutory (minimum) scholarship amounts are:
-before the mid-term evaluation (up to 24th month): PLN 2,367.31 net (that is: PLN 2,667.70 gross minus the compulsory pension disability pension contribution)
after a positive mid-term evaluation (after four semesters): PLN 3,646,94 net (that is: PLN 4,109.70 gross minus the compulsory pension and disability pension contribution)
The amount of the doctoral scholarship paid from the grant depends on the amount specified in the agreement, but may not be lower than the statutory scholarship specified above.

The doctoral scholarship is not taxed.

Education costs: All PhD students of the Doctoral School of Medical and Health Sciences are exempt from the costs of education.

II. Additional financial support for the best students
Moreover, The School supports doctoral students by obtaining additional funds to finance scholarships, internships, etc. from external sources eg. NAWA Agency, MEiN, European grants etc.
In the coming academic year, it will be possible to obtain additional funding by obtaining pro-quality scholarships or funding research internships for the best doctoral students (under the STER programme).

III. Additional support

  •  Library infrastructure of the Jagiellonian University Medical College – Doctoral students may use the well-equipped Medical Library JU MC free of charges. Medical Library, 7 Medyczna Street, Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00, Saturday: 9.00-15.00; home page: www
  • Doctoral students also have a Study Room at their disposal which is located at the Conference Center Faculty of Medicine at ul. Lazarza 16, 2nd floor, room no. 421.
  • A doctoral student may apply for funding to participate in a domestic and foreign conference. According to the School Council regulations, 3 domestic conferences (max. amount of 3 x 500 PLN ) and 1 foreign (max. amount 2500 PLN) can be financed throughout the whole education cycle at DSMH. The conference refund is for active participation.
  •  Each year, the authorities of DSMHS together with the subject coordinator, Dr hab. Gniewomir Latacz, organize Summer School entitled “English presentation of own research results. Discussion”. Within this subject, doctoral students participate free of charge in a summer school. The venue is set away from the university to make the doctoral students feel like partaking in an international conference. The primary objective of the subject is for all participants to get hands-on experience in presentation of own research results as during a typical scientific event.
  •  Doctoral students are invited to take part in the Scientific Day of PhD students when specialists in the field of Medical and Health Sciences give interesting lectures.

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