PhD student employment – Act 2.0

Dear All,

below, you can find information on the current legal regulations for the employment of the PhD student receiving a scholarship at the Doctoral School, as set out in Article 209(10) of the Act of 20 July 2018 – Law on Higher Education and Science.

Article 209(10)

A PhD student cannot be employed as an academic teacher or a scientific employee. The restriction shall not apply to the employment of a PhD student:

(1) for the implementation of the research project referred to in article 119(2) points 2 and 3;

(2) after a positive mid-term evaluation. With the employment exceeding half of the full working time, the payment shall be 40% of the monthly scholarship, as referred to in paragraph 4 point 2;

(3) who is not entitled to a scholarship.

    Article 119 (2) (…) employment of an academic teacher:


    (2) the beneficiary of a project, programme or contest announced by NAWA, NCBiR, NCN or international competition for the implementation of a research project;

    (3) for the period of the research or teaching project financed:

  1. (A) from the budget of the European Union,
  2. (b) by other units awarding grants.


At the same time, we would like to inform you that teaching or co-teaching is possible within the internship (60 teaching hours completed by the end of the 3rd year) – more information on the School web site ( ź), or in the form of voluntary activities.



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