Recruitment – special competition mode

Recruitment – special competition mode
The special competition mode can be launched only if the amount of PLN 170,000 for a PhD student’s scholarship at the Doctoral School of Medical and Health Sciences (DSMHS) is guaranteed in the project/grant budget and the appropriate conditions are provided for the project implementation and education within 4-year DSMHS programme (or 3-years interdisciplinary PhD Programme in Medical and Health Sciences).
1. The project/grant manager asks the Doctoral School Director to launch the recruitment in the special competition mode, indicating the specific conditions/constraints imposed by the financing institution and declaring the possession of appropriate resources (time and financial).
The application is verified by the Research Department as regards the conditions of the project.
2. The Doctoral School Director authorizes the project manager to start the special competition mode recruitment for a specific project, issues a decision/communication on the recruitment launch, and defines the procedure according to which the recruitment will be conducted:
– indicating that the Doctoral School Council representative must be present in the competition committee; the project manager can designate the preferred candidate among the Council representatives – for example, given the specialization close to the project topic; the project manager has a decisive say on the candidate’s selection
– verification of the financial resources and time (4 years or 3 years for interdisciplinary PhD Programme in Medical and Health Sciences) guaranteed for the School education and preparation of the doctoral dissertation
– reservation on avoiding possible conflicts of interest in the competition procedure (par. 3 point 9 of the Senate resolution)
3. The project manager announces the recruitment (website)
The project manager presents the proposed composition of the competition committee (project manager, School Council representative, 2-3 other members)
The unit head, MC Vice-Rector’s Proxy for Research and International Cooperation, approves the composition of the competition committee and appoints its members
Upon competition completion, the project manager informs the unit head and the Doctoral School Director about its results.
4. Candidates admitted to the Doctoral School within the announced recruitment procedure start education from the beginning of the next semester after the completion of that procedure, unless the Doctoral School Director, in duly justified cases, specifies the earlier date of education commencement.
The limit for submitting a maximum of one research topic to a given doctoral programme applies only to the recruitment in the standard competition mode. In the special competition mode recruitment, when external sources fully finance the doctoral grant, the number of doctoral candidates recruited should correspond to the number provided for in the programme financed by external sources. The project manager may be a supervisor of more than one PhD student in each doctoral programme.
The doctoral candidates for DSMHS are recruited in the special competition procedure throughout the whole academic year.

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